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Resources & Updates

  • How can I help bring back the lake?
    Join the Wixom Lake Association! Attend social events and fundraisers and donate. Stay up to date on FLTF news. Contact government officials to gain their support. Visit Restore the Lakes for more information.
  • When will Wixom Lake be back?
    Four Lakes Task Force currently estimates that the lake will return in 2025-2026. Sign up for their weekly news flashes to stay up to date on restoration progress.
  • What is the Four Lakes Special Assessment District?
    The Four Lakes Special Assessment District (SAD) is an established geographic boundary of waterfront properties along or near Secord, Smallwood, Wixom and Sanford lakes and “backlot” properties with dedicated (private easement) access. Under Part 307, a county board may determine by resolution that the whole or a part of the cost of a project to establish and maintain a normal level for an inland lake shall be defrayed by special assessments. Every property owner in the SAD will have an annual assessment added to their winter tax bill. Please see the FLTF SAD page for up-to-date information.
  • What is Four Lakes Task Force?
    Four Lakes Task Force is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization managed and operated by lake residents and industry experts. It serves as a "Delegated Authority" for Midland and Gladwin counties to administer and oversee the maintenance and operations of Secord, Smallwood, Wixom/Edenville and Sanford lakes and dams so the lake communities can enjoy the water long into the future.
  • How can I manage lakebottom vegetation in front of my property?
    Property owners are permitted to mow or weed whack vegetation up to 40 feet out from their property line as long as they follow guidelines from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy. Any vegetation and brush that is cut must be removed from the lakebottom. STUMP ROOTS CANNOT BE DUG UP AND REMOVED. See a full list of guidelines here.

Weed Control

Wixom Lake Association is not responsible for weed control on Wixom Lake when the lake is at normal legal lake levels. Weed control is managed by two separate entities for the east and west sides of the lake.

Properties east of M-30: Wixom Lake Improvement Board (WLIB)

Note: WLIB is temporarily inactive because there are no ongoing weed treatments while the lake is lowered.

Properties west of M-30: Savin Lake Services

Weed Control

News Flash Updates

Four Lakes Task Force has asked us to notify our Membership on some clarifications and upcoming IMPORTANT information. Please check out the links listed below.


Information related to the Sanford Dam permit from EGLE. The permit was issued in December and allows FLTF to proceed with ongoing construction of interim repairs on Sanford Dam.

  • Webinar for property owners and the public and related PowerPoint presentation

  • Update in our weekly newsletter

  • Maps of Sanford Lake that show impacts to flood stage



  • Tittabawassee River is flowing through its original river path through Sanford Lake Dam

  • Debris Removal has begun at the Smallwood Dam by Fisher Contracting moving south, they are currently working by the Estey Rd. Bridge. Sanford Lake Debris Removal by Heinz Tree Service is moving North toward Edenville. Please mark items "KEEP" or with a "YELLOW" or "RED" tape or spray paint if you want them removed. You only have to do this if it UNCLEAR what is good or floated in from the flood. Most debris has been GPS tagged immediately after the flood, before the tree/brush growth.

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