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To schedule a clean-up at your property, please read the following information.

  1. WLA needs to determine that there is a safe, sloped access for volunteers and equipment.

  2. WLA representative will meet with you to approve access.

  3. Once approved:

  4. Choose a date with a window of 4 hours.             Saturday/Sunday clean-ups are 9am-Noon.                         Weekday clean-ups are 5pm-8pm.   

  5. You will need to recruit as many neighbors, friends and family as possible.

  6. Volunteers will need to bring, chain saws, mowers, tractors, brush hogs and weed whips with blade attachments.

  7. WLA has some equipment that our representative will bring onsite, as well as some volunteers.

  8. Remember, even if you cannot get on the lakebed you can always supply snacks, water and finger foods for the workers!

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