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4th Annual DAM Golf Scramble
Golfers & Sponsors...

Thank You!

With your support we raised an all time high of $27,930.00

"MOWmentum for 2023"


Founded in 1996, the Wixom Lake Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit governed by voluntary board members who own property on or near Wixom Lake in Gladwin and Midland counties in Michigan. Our goal is to improve, maintain and protect the waterways in this lake system by providing a consolidated voice for the common good of the community, and by acting as a liaison between members, county government and Four Lakes Task Force.


We support the efforts of the Four Lakes Task Force and Gladwin and Midland counties to rebuild Edenville and Tobacco dams and restore Wixom Lake. FLTF currently estimates that the lake will return SPRING of 2026.

WLA is currently working on helping our Members with the mowing of the first 40' to 50' in front of their homes to control the growth. All your donations to our Events and Dues are going toward this effort.

Wixom Lake.jpg

1,980 Acres

approx. 2,875 waterfront properties 

21.5 Billion Gallons

lake return date

84 Miles of Shoreline

Home to edenville and tobacco dams

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