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To improve, maintain and protect our waterways. 

To provide a consolidated voice for the 
common good of the community.

To promote the community awareness 
and concerns of the water, flow- 
through, shoreline and neighborhoods

To provide a liaison between the Asso- 
ciation membership, government and 
other agencies. 

Wixom Lake Association 

The Wixom Lake Association holds one 
General Membership meeting a year. 
The date, time and location will be pub- 
lished prior to the meeting in the Glad- 
win County Record and Midland Daily News. 
The Officers and Directors meet the 2nd 
Saturday of every month at 10 AM ex- 
cept during the winter months. If you 
are interested in attending these
 meetings or need more information,
Larry Woodard-President at  517-203-6444 
Susi Najmowicz- Secretary at 734-425-2150 
for the location. 

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Wixom Lake Association 2017 meeting dates
Billings Township Hall Sat. 10:00 AM

May 13, 2017
June 10, 2017
July 8, 2017
August 12, 2017 Annual Membership Meeting                     at Eagles
September 9, 2017
October 14, 2017
All meetings, with the exception of Annual Meeting, will be held at Billings Twp. Hall at 10:00 AM

  "For More Extensive Boyce-Dam information click the link below".

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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Issues Compliance Order To Boyce related to the Edenville Dam Project.

Click here to read the Order

​On June 15, 2017, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a Compliance Order to Boyce Hydro Power, LLC.  The Order states that a number of violations of FERC orders and operating license requirements have occurred at the Edenville Dam Project.  The Order, 53 pages long with footnotes, describes the violations, when they occurred and how often.  The Order concludes with a number of work items Boyce is ordered to perform by specified deadlines and description of possible penalties for failure to comply.

FERC has an "enforcement pyramid" that describes steps the agency will take to achieve compliance with license requirements and orders.  A Compliance Order is the last step on the pyramid before applying penalties.  A Compliance Order is subject to re-hearing if requested within 30 days of issuance.  A re-hearing request does not change the effective dates specified in the Order.

Wixom Lake Association will monitor this situation as it develops.  We remain in communication with FERC.  We have advised the agency on the value of Wixom lake to shoreline property owners, local businesses, recreational users and local government units.  When there is additional confirmed information we will share it via this website.