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To improve, maintain and protect our waterways. 

To provide a consolidated voice for the 
common good of the community.

To promote the community awareness 
and concerns of the water, flow- 
through, shoreline and neighborhoods

To provide a liaison between the Asso- 
ciation membership, government and 
other agencies. 

Wixom Lake Association 

The Wixom Lake Association holds one 
General Membership meeting a year. 
The date, time and location will be pub- 
lished prior to the meeting in the Glad- 
win County Record and Midland Daily News. 
The Officers and Directors meet the 2nd 
Saturday of every month at 10 AM ex- 
cept during the winter months. If you 
are interested in attending these
 meetings or need more information,
Larry Woodard-President at  517-203-6444 
Susi Najmowicz- Secretary at 734-425-2150 
for the location. 

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Wixom Lake Association 2018 meeting dates
Billings Township Hall Sat. 10:00 AM

May 12, 2018
June 9, 2018
July 14, 2018
August 11, 2018 Annual Membership Meeting                     at Eagles
September 8, 2018
October 13, 2018
All meetings, with the exception of Annual Meeting, will be held at Billings Twp. Hall at 10:00 AM

  "For More Extensive Boyce-Dam information click the link below".

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​Nov. 22, 12017

Boyce Hydro has been ordered by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to stop generating electricity at the Edenville Dam, effective Nov. 27, 2017. Boyce is licensed by FERC to operate the dam and is required to comply with that license.  

The immediate concern for Wixom lake property owners and users is the lake level. This FERC order should have no effect on recreational use of the lake. The FERC order specifically requires Boyce to maintain the lake at normal seasonal levels. Please keep an eye on lake levels and alert us via the “Contact us” button above if you see major deviations from normal lake levels. Keep in mind that the lake should be lowered approx. 2.5' (two and one half feet) to the normal winter level around December 15.

The longer-term concern is operation and maintenance of the dam. Due to the dam's design, operators need to monitor lake level and then open or close spillway gates to maintain the level within limits set by Boyce's license. As noted in the order, the spillways need significant maintenance, particularly the Tobacco River side spillways.  

As long as the “cease generation” order is in effect, Boyce will derive no income from the Edenville Dam, but will continue to incur expenses. Obviously, this is not a workable long-term situation. It is much too soon to know what will happen and speculation is pointless. FERC is well-aware of the situation and our State and Federal Congressional representatives have been contacted. The resolution is FERC's responsibility and will depend on how Boyce cooperates with FERC in the future. Wixom Lake Association will continue to monitor the situation and share relevant information via this web site.
Focused Spillway Inspections in 2018

Rumors have been circulating that Boyce will draw down Wixom Lake in July 2018. This rumor is based on a Boyce proposal to conduct mandatory “focused spillway inspections” on Sanford, Edenville, Smallwood and Secord dams. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has required these inspections as a result of the near-failure of the Oroville, California dam in the spring of 2017. Boyce submitted an informal plan for conducting the inspections and included their engineer’s recommendation to do the inspections in July. The inspections will require drawing down the lake below a dam by approximately 4’ (four feet).

FERC responded to Boyce’s proposal today. FERC said a July drawdown is “not acceptable”. FERC notes that acceptable times would be either early Spring or Fall, because “This would reduce the potential negative impacts on fisheries and recreational activities.” FERC has also asked Boyce for a complete plan for conducting the inspections.

When a firm date is set for an inspection that requires drawing down Wixom Lake, we will advise our community.

FERC Issues Order Proposing Revocation of Edenville Dam License
On Feb. 15, 2018, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) notified Boyce Hydro Power, LLC (Boyce) of a proposal to revoke Boyce’s license for the Edenville Dam. If the license is revoked, Boyce will no longer be able to generate and sell power from the Edenville facility.

The following statements in the Order should be of interest to the Wixom Lake community:

Public safety would not be affected by revoking the license. Should the Commission ultimately revoke Boyce Hydro’s license, the Commission’s jurisdiction will end, and authority over the site will pass to the State of Michigan’s dam regulatory authorities.” 

 “Revocation of the Edenville Project license does not mandate removal or any modification of the dam... as a general rule, we do not condition the effectiveness of a license revocation by imposing additional requirements on a licensee that has shown its unwillingness to comply with other Commission orders.

Boyce has 30 days to request a hearing on this Order. We will continue to follow the situation and keep you informed.
A copy of the Order may be found at the link below.