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To join the Wixom Lake Association 
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Fill out the form and send to Wixom Lake Association P.O. Box 191 Edenville, MI 48620-0191.
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The Wixom Lake Association respects and values your privacy. We do not share your e-mail address or contact information with anyone. .

Contact Us
Larry Woodard- President 517-203-6444
C. Robert Beltz- Vice President 989- 689-5241
Susi Najmowicz- Sec. 743-425-2150
​Mark Mudge- Treasurer 989-426-7595
Rose Malott - Billings Twp 989-435-8100
James Lambert- Tobacco Twp 989-689-3638

​David Rothman- Hope Twp 989-835-4902
​Don Zakett- Tobacco Twp
Dave Ferguson- Billings Twp 989-435-9085
Bill Faust- Tobacco Twp 989-689-0483
Gary Oliver- Hope Twp 303-396-4246
Questions or comments? Call any BOD member
 I want to become a member of the Wixom Lake Association. Enclosed is my $25.00 annual family membership. Membership runs from January 1st thru December 31st

Wixom Lake Association 
P.O. Box 191 
Edenville, MI 48620-0191.  


Name: ______________________________________________________ 

Property Address: _______________________________________________________________ 

City: ______________________________________ 

Township: __________________________________ 

State, Zip Code: _____________________________ 

Telephone: _________________________________ 


Mailing Address (ONLY if different than above): 

Address: ___________________________________________________________________ 

City: _____________________________________ 

State, Zip Code: ____________________________ 

Telephone: ________________________________ 

DUES MUST BE ENCLOSED ($25.00 per year) 

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Wixom Lake Association is a 501(c)(3) organization.  You may be able to deduct membership dues and contributions from Federal income taxes.  Please consult your tax adviser, as Wixom Lake Association does not give formal tax advice.